A Future STEM

A Future STEM is a collection of STEM subject careers activities linked to employability skills. These practical activities will engage students in a series of careers related interactions.

  • STEM HEROES: Students look at how some STEM heroes have made discoveries and invented technologies that have changed our lives for the better.
  • STEM STEREOTYPES: Students consider famous inventors, engineers, scientists or computing experts from the movies and explore what the movies and TV have to say about people in STEM.
  • CAREERS BEHIND THE SCENES: Students use internet research to find out about a ‘hidden’ or unusual career in Design and Technology, Engineering or Computing in the film or TV industries and share their discoveries with their peers in a ‘living credits’ presentation.
  • GET INTO STEM: Students research a course that would provide the education and training for entry into interesting STEM jobs and present their ideas at a ‘STEM course fair’.
  • SAVE THE WORLD WITH STEM: Students research a STEM job that might help humanity survive a future catastrophe and describe how their skills make them a great choice for that role.
  • MEET A STEM AMBASSADOR: Students plan to meet and interview a STEM ambassador or ex-student who has gone on to a STEM career.

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